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Trump opponents are wrong to predict economic gloom and doom

The full text of this Op-Ed originally appeared on on January 5, 2019

We just got about 312,000 new reasons to be deeply skeptical about predictions of an impending recession. That’s how many jobs the U.S. economy added in December, confirming its continuing strength and blowing away pessimistic predictions by economic “experts” of just 177,000 new jobs for December. December was not an outlier. Average monthly job creation for 2018 was 220,000. Nor is the labor market cooling. Despite stock market machinations, for the last three months of the year the American economy has created an average of 254,000 jobs – and December’s number was the highest of the year. Add to that the monthly average of 141,000 new job openings the U.S. economy has created through October (the most recent month available), and you begin to get a sense for just how strong this economy really is …

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