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To create prosperity, you don’t need government cutting up economic pie into very equal, smaller, di

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Early this morning, I joined Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, Morgan Ortagus and others to talk about why it’s important for Trump to stay on message. As I explained, some in the press go after things Trump says to try and characterize him in the worst way. Trump should focus on the economy, the corruption of the Clintons and their foundation and their self-enrichment following 30 years of public service. During the wide-ranging segment, I also discussed how Trump’s economic plan will generate economic growth and reduce income inequality. Towards the end of the segment, Maria asked me about Trump’s love of fast food and whether it appeals to voters. I jokingly told her it would be more effective if Trump ate at Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s. The segment is entitled: Will Trump’s fast food diet win over voters?

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