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To all my friends in Ohio

To all my friends in Ohio: Please cast your vote Monday for Mitt Romney in the Ohio Primary. He is the one candidate who can both win the general election and address the severe economic problems facing our country. I know Mitt. He is a very good man as well as a social and fiscal conservative. He is a man of faith, family and country. He is the kind of man who would shut down a business and travel to new York City to lead the effort to find a friend and employees missing daughter. Please cast your vote for our future and our children’s futures.

If you would like to do more, you can go to and get more details on how to contribute and join our team. Mitt has a strong team of volunteers in Ohio but he could always use more.

To read Mitt’s plan for jobs and economic growth, go to and learn how to get Americans back to work. And you can visit to see all the steps he’ll take to help create jobs for Americans on day one. You can take a closer look at Mitt’s comprehensive tax plan by visiting to see how it’s a fairer, flatter, and simpler proposal for our country. Mitt has clearly laid out his plan for turning our economy around. I invite you to visit to see for yourself where Mitt stands on the issues.

Thanks so much, Andy

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