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The latest job numbers are disappointing but not surprising given low GDP & misguided governmen

To watch an interview I did on this topic, please click here:

On Saturday morning, I joined Fox News host David Asman to discuss the fact that only 38,000 jobs were created in May (100,000+ were expected). David asked me what I thought was behind the disappointingly low number and I told him that you can’t create jobs with a low GDP. I also told him that businesses are not being encouraged to create jobs. I pointed out that President Obama’s approach, which is favored by Hillary Clinton, relies on raising taxes and increasing regulation which ultimately hurts job creation. I concluded by explaining how dramatic minimum wage increases force small businesses like our franchises to mitigate high labor costs by reducing jobs, hiring more experienced employees and automating. The segment is entitled: Is now the time for Obama to talk about tax hikes?

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