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The country doesn’t want a 3rd Obama term regardless of who runs

Yesterday, Neil Cavuto invited me to join his Fox News special report on President Obama’s 6th State of the Union (SOTU) address.  During the segment titled CKE Restaurants CEO: Country doesn’t want a 3rd term of Obama, I shared with Neil that if the President leans even more to the left, the American voters won’t want a third term of Obama.  Whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, either one would represent another “Obama term.”   Neil and I also discussed how effective the Republican Congress can be given the President’s veto threats.  The President has a choice.  He can be conciliatory and gracious or defiant and petulant.  Unfortunately, this President has not learned how to negotiate. And, if the President is not willing to work with Congress, nothing will get done.

After the President’s speech, Senator Joni Ernst provided the SOTU rebuttal.  During her remarks, she once again mentioned her time at Hardee’s, stating, “To save for college, I worked the morning biscuit line at Hardees.” As I highlighted in a previous blog post, Joni’s comment points to the importance of entry-level jobs and the value these opportunities provide in helping people get on the ladder of success.  In this great country, your job and your life are what you make of them.  You can access the transcript and video of Senator Ernst’s rebuttal by clicking here.

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