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President Obama doesn’t seem to be able to admit mistakes. #Obamacare is one that needs fixing.

On Monday, I joined Fox Business News’ Neil Cavuto for his Neil’s Spiel segment to discuss leadership. We discussed the fact that true leadership involves taking responsibility – for the wins and the losses. Coach Pete Carroll showed leadership by taking responsibility for a call that unfortunately blew the Seahawks’ chance to win the Super Bowl. The call may have been a bad one, but he stood up and owned it regardless.

If mistakes are made, a true leader admits it and works to find a solution. Unlike a bad call during the last seconds of a Super Bowl, most mistakes in life, in business or in politics afford room for the leader to assess and adjust. Unfortunately, President Obama refuses to consider changing the ObamaCare play. Despite numerous fumbles, despite the blitz of voter concerns heard in mid-term elections, he’s still running a losing game.

As I said to Neil during the segment, “Leadership is about making a decision, that’s the most important thing. If it’s the right one, keep going. If it’s the wrong one, change it. And, if you can’t admit it’s wrong, you can’t change it.”

ObamaCare was hurried through Congress on a partisan basis. It wasn’t vetted through congressional committees or debated. Notoriously longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace, the Affordable Care Act wasn’t even read by most of those voting on it. There were bound to be mistakes. Yet, President Obama is unwilling to make needed changes. Recently, the White House threatened to veto the Forty Hours is Full Time Act which passed the House with bipartisan support and has bipartisan support in the Senate. Why is our President unwilling to admit his error and work together with businesses and Congress to find practical solutions for an important issue?

To view the segment via Real Clear Politics, click here.

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