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Opinion – Why Obamacare Must Be Repealed and Replaced – Real Clear Politics

Beyond question, ObamaCare has failed and is leaving millions of Americans in economic distress. Republicans in Congress are striving to find solutions that will decrease health insurance costs and increase accessibility for all Americans, particularly for the 7 percent with non-group coverage (83 percent of Americans have government funded or employer sponsored insurance). Their efforts to date demonstrate that even failed entitlement programs are harder to repeal and replace than to expand and perpetuate. Progressive Democrats want to create a government run–enormously expensive–single payer health care system to replace ObamaCare. Predictably, they choose to address the problems an expansive government program created by further expanding government. That is not the answer. The only effective way to reduce insurance costs and improve quality is through competition. With a single payer system, by definition, there would be none. Senate Republicans have a far better alternative. Their recently revised bill would decrease government control while increasing private sector competition, substantially repealing and vastly improving ObamaCare.

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