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Opinion: Wall Street Journal – It Takes Chutzpah to Call This the ‘Obama Boom’

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are moving from part-time work to full-time employment.

Progressives are tying themselves in knots to avoid giving President Trump credit for anything positive. Take the economy. It isn’t really booming, they say, but even if it is, President Obama is the man to thank.

The claim doesn’t add up. In 2010 the Obama White House forecast gross domestic product growth would “accelerate in 2011 to 3.8%” and “exceed 4% per year in 2012-2014,” consistent with the 4.3% growth rate in the other 10 recoveries since World War II. That never happened. Actual post-recession growth averaged an anemic 2.1%. And Mr. Obama’s last year in office saw measly 1.5% GDP growth—hardly the springboard to our current expansion.

To read the full opinion piece by Andy, please visit the Wall Street Journal

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