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Op-Ed: Unpacking Joe Biden’s lies about the Trump job-creation miracle

This article originally appeared in the New York Post on October 1, 2020.

Try as they might, Democrats, the media and the blue-check Twitterati can’t wish away President Trump’s enormously successful stewardship of the US economy.

“You talk about the economy booming,” moderator Chris Wallace told Trump at this week’s presidential debate. But “in Obama’s final three years as president, more jobs were created, a million and a half more jobs, than in the first three years of your presidency.” Wallace was echoing one of the Biden campaign’s favorite talking points.

But here’s the thing: That talking point depends on misleading and cherry-picked data.

Most significantly, it ignores the worker shortage during Trump’s second and third years in office. Obviously, it’s harder to add jobs when employers can’t find workers. But rather than an economic shortcoming, this shortage was a result of the Trump economy “booming,” producing job openings so abundant that they exceeded the number of people looking for work — by a lot.

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