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Op-Ed: Trump has real economic record to run on in 2020, Biden doesn’t. RNC hammers home presi

This article originally appeared on Fox Business on August 28, 2020.

One thing than emerged last week from the Democrats’ dark and stilted virtual convention was that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris are unwilling to run against President Trump’s actual record on the economy.

Lacking any plan of their own to incentivize private sector growth, they attempted to invent two economic strawmen they can run against.

The first is that the COVID downturn was the president’s fault, and the second — even more outrageously — is that he didn’t create more than three years of historic labor market prosperity, but “inherited” it from his predecessor President Barack Obama.

I was proud to see President Trump put that nonsense to rest in his acceptance speech at the White House Thursday night.

The truth of the matter is that this president didn’t “inherit” anything like what he created and sustained until the coronavirus crippled the world economy.

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