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Op-Ed: President Trump can rebuild the economy, while Biden defends China

This article originally appeared on on May 21, 2020.

May’s sobering jobs report confirms what President Donald Trump has said from the start—we must consider the suffering of American workers and their families, as we look to safely re-open and re-charge the economy.

And while the president focuses on combatting the global pandemic—in conjunction with state and local leaders—Joe Biden is solely focused on how he can save his floundering campaign by attacking Trump and scoring cheap political points.

In fact, Biden is bending over backwards to cover for Communist China.

For example, when President Trump took the early, prudent step to ban travelers from China—where the coronavirus originated—Biden accused him of hysteria and xenophobia. Biden’s default reaction to defend the Communist Party of China is actually reflective of Joe Biden’s 40-plus year political career of cozying up to China, at the expense of American jobs.

Michiganders know all too well the consequences of bad trade deals, slow economic growth and stagnant wages. Michigan’s unemployment rate hit 15 percent under the Obama-Biden economy and wages failed to keep up with inflation.

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