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Op-Ed: Let the economy recover from covid-19, then watch it roar back

This article originally appeared on The Washington Post on December 14, 2020.

If anyone is wondering whether the end of the pandemic will slow the Democrats’ efforts to “fundamentally transform” America, wonder no more. According to President-elect Joe Biden’s recent statement on the November jobs report, “we remain in the midst of one of the worst economic and jobs crises in modern history” requiring “urgent” government action. He’s encouraged by the bipartisan negotiations in Washington for a $900 billion relief package, but Biden views it as insufficient — “just the start” — with more government spending needed in January to “control the pandemic, revive the economy, and build back better than before.”

Clearly, legislation to help small businesses stay afloat and see their out-of-work employees through this crisis is important. Congress should get a bill that does so to the president’s desk as soon as possible. But that’s far different from vast additional government spending to “revive the economy” and fund Biden’s government-heavy agenda. He doesn’t put a price tag on it, but if $900 billion is “just the start,” then he probably has trillions in mind.

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