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Op-Ed: Here’s what booming GDP numbers say about Trump’s economy: Andy Puzder

This article originally appeared on Fox Business October 29, 2020.

The Commerce Department announced Thursday morning that the U.S. economy grew at an unprecedented 33.1% annualized pace in the third quarter.

No matter how the Democrats and their media allies attempt to qualify it, that was the biggest GDP surge ever. It beat the previous historic high of 16.7% in the first quarter of 1950, as well as the third-quarter estimate of 32% from economists surveyed by Dow Jones.

President Trump’s economic policies are continuing to make miracles, despite all the fear-mongering, skepticism, and negativity coming from the Democrats and their allies in the liberal media.

Some media sources are already reporting this historic number with the caveat that we still have a long way to go to recover to fully recover. Well, of course, we do.

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