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Op-Ed: Good economic news is so awkward for the Democratic candidates

This article originally appeared on The Washington Post on July 17, 2019.

With the U.S. economy producing another strong jobs report for June, Democratic presidential hopefuls face a difficult task: how to avoid crediting President Trump.

For months, when faced with positive economic news, Democrats have tended to say either that Trump was lucky to inherit a recovering economy from the Obama administration or that the economy was only benefiting the rich. But with Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s vice president, in the race, crediting the Obama administration is losing its appeal for his rivals.

While Biden is happy to tout the economic blessings from “the Obama-Biden administration,” many of his opponents have no alternative but to double down on waging class warfare. For working-class Americans who are seeing their wages increase, financial security rising and plenty of jobs available for just about anybody who wants one, the message from these Democratic presidential hopefuls is simple: You’re wrong.

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