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Op-Ed: Choosing Between Food and Fuel Leaves More Americans Out in the Cold

This article was authored by Jason Isaac and Andy Puzder for on November 4, 2022.

Thanks to Biden, one in six US homes must make tough choices as winter nears

Conversations around Sherri Bukovskey’s kitchen table are much like yours. A dental hygienist from Maine, Sherri remembers the days not long ago when she could keep her home toasty warm in the wintertime for half the price it would cost today. She remembers when no one in her neighborhood would even consider foregoing medication in order to afford their weekly grocery bill — a decision that recently only the poorest of America’s poor had to make, but that is becoming more and more common across America today.

According to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, more than 20 million American households (1 in 6 American homes) are struggling to meet their home energy bills, the worst crisis the group has ever documented. The collective amount owed has doubled from the end of 2019 to now. Families struggling to put food on the table may not find those mean tweets quite so distasteful now as they wistfully recall the Trump-era policies that saved the average family of four $2,500 a year.

But why are American families facing this energy-driven inflationary spiral? Well, prices have surged because President Joe Biden’s policies essentially guaranteed they would surge. When there is a shortage of a product in demand, the price of that product increases. Fossil fuels are clearly in high demand and limiting the supply of such fuels obviously increased the costs.

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