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Op-Ed: Biden, Schumer are Using ESG to Come After Your Retirement Savings...

This article was authored by Andy Puzder for on March 7, 2023

Progressive Democrats are willing to lie about what ESG is in order to get Americans to go along with their agenda

Progressive Democrats pushing the ESG (environmental, social and governance) agenda are focused on controlling the private decisions and beliefs of millions of Americans. Worse, they are increasingly willing to lie about what ESG is in order to gaslight Americans into compliance, or at least apathy toward this massive scheme.

Take Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who recently penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed with this headline, "Republicans Ought to Be All for ESG."

Schumer was expressing his support for a recent Labor Department rule allowing retirement fund managers to use workers’ savings to advance leftist political goals. Before rounding on Republicans, though, Schumer should check with his own party. As Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) website states – "the Biden Administration’s ESG rule . . . prioritizes politics over getting the best returns for millions of Americans’ retirement investments."

Obviously, that’s a terrible idea.

So, House Republicans have passed a bill to nullify the rule which subsequently passed the Senate on a bipartisan basis. President Biden will likely veto it. Why?

Well, Schumer deceptively claims that Republican opposition to this ESG is really an attack on "free markets." Rest assured – Schumer knows this argument is false. Whether the effort to nullify this ESG rule succeeds or fails, investors will be free to invest their own monies in any manner they choose, to support any cause they choose, or simply to generate a return. The bipartisan effort to nullify the rule would only prevent progressives from conscripting other peoples’ money to advance their leftist political goals.

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