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Op-Ed: Biden's Credibility on Inflation, Gas, Economy is Melting Like an Ice Cube in the Summer Sun

This article originally appeared on Fox Business on May 25, 2022.

The Biden administration does not seem to care about the misery its policies on inflation, gas and the economy are inflicting on Americans.

America isn’t doing so well right now. If you have a baby, travel or eat, you may have noticed. America’s small businesses have noticed, the Wall Street Journal reported this week that "fifty-seven percent of small-business owners expect economic conditions in the U.S. to worsen in the next year" matching an all-time low recorded in pandemic dominated April 2020. Nonetheless, Biden and his acolytes evidently have not noticed – either that, or they just don’t particularly care about the misery their wrongheaded policies are inflicting on the American people.

While the American economy tumbles down the rabbit hole of his failed policies, Biden grasps for catchy phrases to save a presidency whose credibility is melting like an ice cube in the summer sun.

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