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Op-Ed: At first presidential debate Biden chooses to run as a pale imitation of Trump circa 2016

This article originally appeared on Fox Business on September 30, 2020.

Once again, former Vice President Joe Biden has used one of his rare public appearances, this time at the first presidential debate in Cleveland, to present an economic vision at odds not only with his decades-long record but the reality of his own platform.

On Tuesday night, Biden looked straight into the camera and appealed to “you in small towns and working-class towns,” and went on to talk about “buying American” as though he were a champion of the American worker.

The only difference was that this time Donald Trump, the president of the United States, was on hand to poke holes in Biden’s faux-folksy “Made in America,” “200 MPH electric Corvette” act.

“You gave up on manufacturing,” was the president’s reply.

President Trump, of course, is entirely correct. No one still active in American politics is more responsible for destroying the American industries Biden is now championing than Biden himself.

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