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Op-Ed: At final presidential debate Biden offers stunning misunderstanding of how economy actually w

This article originally appeared on Fox Business on October 23, 2020.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden spent three days locked in his house this week, avoiding media scrutiny, in intense preparation… for that? It’s the question that begs to be answered after Thursday night’s final presidential debate in Nashville.

You would think that with all that preparation, Biden would have had the facts at his fingertips (and I don’t mean in his notes). But, again and again, Joe got basic facts wrong as he faced off against President Trump on the debate stage at Belmont University.

He continually insisted that the president “doesn’t have a plan” on the coronavirus pandemic, even as he listed things that the Trump administration had already done months ago to address the virus — and without the benefit of hindsight.

As has been the case for months, Biden was unable to come up with anything he would do or have done that the Trump administration isn’t already doing.

It got worse.

Biden — the man who helped open the American market to cheap Chinese goods and, as a member of the Senate, was a leader in the effort to get China into the World Trump Organization— accused the president of ratcheting up our trade deficit with China.

That is not just wrong, it’s the opposite of the truth.

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