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Op-Ed: Ah, the irony of impeachment… look how Trump policies work for Dem voters

This article originally appeared on Fox News on November 10, 2019.

While Democrats pursue their partisan crusade to impeach President Trump, their own constituents continue to benefit from his policies in the form of new jobs and better wages, reduced income inequality, a more equitable criminal justice system, and — at long last — real progress toward curbing the opioid crisis.

Perhaps that’s why 27 percent of those who signed up for tickets to the Trump pre-election rally in Mississippi were registered Democrats, and n Kentucky, 23 percent were Democrats.

Let’s start with the undeniably strong (and still growing!) Trump economy. The latest employment data are solid across all socio-economic groups, but especially for minorities.

African American unemployment reached an all time low of 5.4 percent in October, resulting in the smallest gap between black and white unemployment rates ever recorded. The Hispanic unemployment rate likewise reached an all-time low of 3.9 percent in September, and the Hispanic-American labor force participation rate reached its highest level in a decade the following month.

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