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Neel Kashkari’s ad highlights fact that Jerry Brown betrayed California school kids to protect Brown

California gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari just launched a new ad that points to the unsettling reality that Governor Brown is appealing the ruling in Vergara v. California.  In the case, nine California public school children filed a lawsuit against the State of California in May 2012 to strike down the laws handcuffing schools from doing what’s best for kids when it comes to teachers. The Court’s historic decision  in Vergara v. California reaffirmed the fundamental, Constitutional right of every student to learn from effective teachers and have an equal opportunity to succeed in school.

Governor Brown is appealing the decision.Though Brown contends he’s appealing for a procedural reason, the fact is that the California Teachers Association is a major donor to Brown.  How can California schools ever improve when the Governor’s hands are tied by the unions. Check out Neel’s ad here.

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