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More than 100 business leaders support Trump’s economic plan. It’s the only path to growth.

To read the op-ed I co-wrote on this topic, please click here:

On Sunday, CNBC posted an op-ed former CEO of Nucor Dan DiMicco and I wrote in which we discuss why more than 100 business leaders support Donald Trump. As we pointed out in our piece, whoever wins the election will have to deal with a legacy of anemic economic growth. Trump is the only candidate who has a plan to reverse the trend. This is why we joined more than 100 other business people in a statement of support for his pro-growth economic plan. The op-ed is entitled: Here’s why 100 business leaders support Trump for president.

Yesterday, I did an interview on CNBC regarding the op-ed which you can access by clicking here:

The network also carved out this excerpt from the interview: Trump advisor says Clinton is like Nixon and his favored candidate is like JFK.

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