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Labor Lost a Friend

Last week, Andy Puzder, President Trump’s pick to become Secretary of Labor, withdrew from consideration for the post. That is a huge loss for American workers.

For those at the bottom of the income ladder, there is no better system than a free labor market. Adam Smith recognized that fundamental truth more than 200 years ago and economic studies ever since have confirmed it. Puzder understood this – both as an employer and a thinker.

As far as I know, Puzder would have been the first Secretary of Labor who has created thousands of private sector jobs – employing 20,200 at last count, through Hardees and Carl’s Jr. restaurants. Either directly, or indirectly through his franchisees, Puzder paid salaries, provided benefits and gave thousands of young people the opportunity to acquire the job skills necessary to reach the first rung on the ladder of economic success.

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