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Joint Employer Rule

This determination directly threatens the franchise business model that has encouraged countless American small business owners, creating jobs and broad-based economic growth… Franchisers and their franchises are not joint employers… Many budding entrepreneurs got their start as franchisees, and millions of young Americans have gained their first work experience in franchise restaurants.” 

“Why Do the Feds Want to Dismantle the Golden Arches?” – July 31, 2014

“The new risks are just too great. As the decision continues to shake out, franchisors will likely start taking a more active role in reviewing job applicants across the country, assessing hiring decisions before offers are made and advising on all compensation structures, bonus plans and so forth at individual locations. This will make people who were small business owners yesterday nothing more than corporate middlemen today.”

“Losers in the NLRB Ruling” OC Register–  December 3, 2015

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