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Here’s what business wants from Washington post-midterm election

Opening Bell 10.30.14

Early this morning, I talked with Fox Business Opening Bell’s Maria Bartiromo about what American business would like to see from Washington after the upcoming midterm elections.  Real progress, an improved economy and a stronger country are all possible if elected officials focus on a few key issues:

  1. Reform the tax code. We need a simpler, flatter, fairer and more competitive tax code.

  2. Eliminate the immigration issue.  Secure the border and develop a rational plan on how we deal with the people who are here now and how we bring people in.

  3. Enable the energy sector.  Approve the Keystone Pipeline, allow oil drilling on federal lands and get rid of the renewable fuel standard.

  4. Improve Obamacare.  Eliminate the medical device tax and implement the “40 hours is full-time” act – – two issues, by the way, that currently receive  bi-partisan support.

To see the full discussion, click here.

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