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CKE has offered health insurance coverage to all of its employees for many years. With the introduction of Obamacare CKE worked to change eligibility rules to meet regulations and ensure plans met the affordability standards.  Employees not eligible for full-time Medical plans still have the option to enroll in Indemnity plans. CKE also provides access to a dedicated exchange website for employees to shop and be educated on the options through Get Insured.

The Affordable Care Act has had the unintended consequence of encouraging employers to convert full time jobs to part time jobs.  It did so by requiring that employers offer health insurance to their employees who work over 30 hours per week or pay up to $3,000 per employee penalty.  Employers have no such obligation for employees working under 30 hours, making part-time employment less costly.”

Make something more expensive and employers will use less of it; make something less expensive and they will use more of it.  The result has been a massive reduction of employees’ hours, particularly in the retail segment, lowering workers’ wages and reducing consumer spending.

Testimony before the Senate HELP Committee – January 20, 2015

The ultimate solution is a bipartisan market-based health care legislation that is comprehensible, read and debated by the people voting on it, and, most importantly, provides access to low cost insurance for those who need it.”

Testimony before the Senate HELP Committee – January 20, 2015

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