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Heading into 2016, presidential hopefuls must show working/middle class voters the American Dream is

Earlier this evening, I had the opportunity to talk to Neil Cavuto about why Republican presidential hopefuls are pushing their ‘working class’ backgrounds to win over potential voters. In a segment titled, Why are GOP 2016 hopefuls pushing ‘working class’ backgrounds?, Neil and I discussed the new GOP sales pitch.

Neil kicked off the segment by asking me if this new tactic is a response to Mitt Romney and I told him that part of it, is a response to the way Mitt was portrayed in the press which really wasn’t an accurate portrayal of who he was. We then discussed the potential candidates’ desire to establish a connection with the working and middle classes and how this will be important for any successful campaign. During the segment, I told Neil it’s important for presidential hopefuls to lay out a vision that shows voters how they can achieve success after six years of limited opportunities. Given the demographic changes, I told Neil that it will also be important for Republicans to target Hispanics and African Americans with a message that conveys that they, too, can achieve the American Dream.

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