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GOP presidential hopefuls need to tells voters how they would decrease poverty, increase opportunity

To watch an interview I did with CNBC host Joe Kernen on this topic, please click on this link:

Leading up to yesterday’s GOP presidential debate, I did an interview with “Squawk Box” co-anchor Joe Kernen who asked me what I hoped to hear candidates talk about. In a segment titled, Why we should increase minimum wage: CEO, I told Joe that I wanted to hear candidates discuss how to decrease poverty and increase opportunity, which can only happen if you ensure economic growth. As I explained to Joe, to create a healthy economy, we need meaningful tax and regulatory reforms, job creation, and so on. We also spent time talking about the minimum wage issue and how it needs to be addressed so GOP candidates don’t continue to lose ground on the issue.

The bottomline is that voters need to hear specifics about how a robust economy will allow them and their families to get ahead.

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