Employees praise fast-food executive and Labor nominee Andy Puzder

The grandmother from Lake City, Florida, said she was desperate for work in 2015 after she suffered a mild heart attack and was laid off from her restaurant job. She found an opportunity at Hardee’s, part of the CKE Restaurants group headed by Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder.

“I needed to go back to work, and nobody wanted to hire me,” said Ms. Elikson, fighting back tears as she spoke this week at a Capitol Hill press conference. “I was 59 years old. I’m overweight. And nobody would hire me. I went into Hardee’s, and Susan interviewed me, and I left with a job my first day there.” 

A biscuit cook, she said she plans to stay there until she retires. “Working at Hardee’s, we’re one big happy family. Everybody helps everybody. We work together and we take care of our customers. We take care of each other,” Ms. Elikson said.

Read More: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/feb/2/andy-puzder-labor-nominee-and-fast-food-executive-/

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