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Editorial Interview with Townhall: Andy Provides his Expert Insight Regarding the Battle of Capitali

If capitalism had a comeback in 2016, then why are we seeing a rise in socialist supremacy supporters in 2018?

Capitalism trumped socialism in our last presidential election. Donald Trump won the 2016 election in large part due to the American working class. Hardworking Americans wanted to keep what they earned (capitalism) as opposed to having to give it up, by force, and watch that money be given away to those who didn’t earn it at all (socialism). Andy Puzder gave this victory a great name: The Capitalist Comeback.

The election of a president who supported capitalism became an issue of outrage for a small faction of angry socialists who believed in the destruction of private property rights—and destruction of property altogether. They claimed anyone who disagreed with them was a fascist and hence a capitalist (which is a significant logical error on their part, since fascists are in fact socialists, not capitalists). Antifa is what they called themselves, coming from the term anti-fascists. (They should more honestly call themselves Antica—because, in reality, they are just anti-capitalist.) They spent the past two years destroying private property and committing violent acts

The most intriguing aspect of the Antifa movement is that they have been growing and gaining popularity on the left.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo came out in support of Antifa and their violence on national television, calling them “right.” Democrat National Committee deputy chair Keith Ellison also came out publicly in support of Antifa, taking a smiling selfie while holding the Antifa handbook. But why are the Democrats so supportive of violence?

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