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Discussion of Trump’s tax return losses is a hurricane in a glass of water

To watch my interview on this topic, please click here:

Yesterday, I joined Fox Business host Liz MacDonald to discuss the losses revealed in Trump’s tax returns. Liz kicked off the segment by saying the NYT is attacking Trump for doing what any other business with losses would have done. I confirmed that was on accurate take on the situation and told her that businesses like Facebook and Apple have done the same thing, too. I then pointed out that when the management team took over CKE, the company was almost bankrupt because it had sustained years of losses. As I explained to Liz, if CKE had been unable to offset future gains against those losses, the company might not be here. Because we’re still here, along with our franchisees, we now employ almost 80,000 employees. The tax code worked for us just like it did for Hillary Clinton and the NYT which used it to reduce their own tax liabilities. The segment is entitled: Trump’s tax return controversy blown ‘way out of proportion’.

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