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Creating jobs & economic prosperity can only happen if your economy is expanding, not shrinking

To watch the interview I did on this topic, please click here:

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria, co-anchor Dagen McDowell and WSJ Assistant editor James Freeman to talk about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s tax and energy plans; Trump’s fundraising and his ability to self-fund which Americans like; his possible need for political ads; and the impact minimum wage increases have had on those who need entry-level jobs the most.

I made it very clear to Maria that Trump has the better tax plan of the two candidates because it’s a pro-growth plan.  According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, Trump’s plan would generate 11% GDP growth over the next decade while Clinton’s plan would cause GDP to decline by 1% over the same period.  Clinton’s plan is a wealth distribution plan, not a pro-growth plan. I added that Clinton’s idea of growing the economy always involves more government, not less of it. We know that if businesses and entrepreneurs are to thrive, we need government to step aside and recognize that the private sector is best equipped to create good jobs and lasting prosperity for all Americans. The segment is entitled: Puzder: Clinton’s tax plan is really a wealth distribution plan.

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