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Carl’s Jr. franchisee has achieved the American Dream; he must now defend it against a government bu

As CEO of a company with roots in California and a growing global footprint, I can tell you that our success is largely due to the people who work in our restaurants and our franchisees. As with most jobs, being successful in the food industry takes hard work as well as determination, perseverance, and self-reliance. That’s why I’m always particularly proud when our employees become franchisees. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing them fulfill their dreams. Their success bodes well for their families, employees and the communities where they do business.

Amir Siddiqi, an immigrant from Pakistan who went from washing dishes at a Carl’s Jr. to owning 38 of our restaurants and employing 900 people, is one such employee. He knows that, in our country, if you’re willing to work hard and take risks, your potential is limitless—unless government gets in the way. In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed Amir wrote titled Up From Dish Washer to Franchise Owner—and Regulation Target, he shares his success story and talks about the threat a government bureaucrat represents to his dream—and those of countless other franchisees.

So long as government doesn’t handicap entrepreneurs like Amir, the American Dream will remain within anyone’s reach and we’ll continue to see many more success stories like his. Job creators, not government, will continue to create real and sustainable economic growth under the right regulatory environment.

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