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Attacking “big business/the rich” does nothing to lift our nation’s most economically disadvantaged

As we head into next year’s presidential election, we know candidates will take positions on a wide number of issues ranging from what role the United States should play on the world stage to implementing policies that can help lift people out of poverty. Instead of seeing rival campaigns and their supporting factions try to spin the public and attack those with differing views, I hope we can have an honest debate about what policies are most effective because whoever wins will ultimately use them as a blueprint to govern.

That’s precisely why last month, I took the opportunity as a member of the Job Creators Network (JCN) to write an op-ed that was published in The Hill under the headline, More work, less welfare, in which I shared with readers that in order to reduce poverty, our nation must create opportunities for the economically disadvantaged. In it, I discussed how expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) can do more for low-wage workers who want to break the cycle of poverty than existing welfare benefits like food stamps. While my approach resonated with policymakers and other stakeholders, it also drew criticism from the Left in the form of nasty tweets and an article which misstated what I said about helping people.

Frankly, attacking my position on this issue does absolutely nothing to help people living in poverty. While I don’t typically respond to nonsense, I felt it was important set the record straight in an effort to reach those who are truly committed to ending poverty. On Friday, Real Clear Politics posted my response to the truth-twisting piece under the headline, EITC–The Way Out of Destructive Economic Carousel, and I encourage you to read it. Putting facts before voters that allow them to see that opportunity, not bigger government, can help them is the only way to impact the ongoing inequality debate leading up to next year’s presidential election.

As an aside, we should never let extremists on either side of the isle stifle debate on this or other issues. One of the things that makes our country truly unique is the fact that we can debate issues freely. We should exercise this right frequently and be respectful of differing views. After all, we’re all Americans and we need to work together to make our country work for everyone.

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