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Appearances: Varney & Co. – Trump’s Fake News Awards and Campaigning in Pennsylvania

Today, Andy appeared on Varney & Co. to discuss President Donald Trump’s ‘Fake News’ awards and trip to Pennsylvania to tout his tax overhaul and the economy. The congressional seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th district has been in Republican hands for nearly 15 years and with the recent loss in Alabama still stinging, Republicans aim to hold it.

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“The left-leaning media and the democrats would do anything they could to cover up the tremendous economic surge we’re experiencing under President Trump,” says Andy. “I can’t wait to see what happens when fourth-quarter GDP is released and it comes out to be between 3.5% and 4%.”

With nearly four in five U.S. workers living paycheck-to-paycheck, Andy believes that employers need to get out there and let their employees know that paychecks are going up due to President Trump’s tax reform. These tax cuts are not just a boon for the rich at others’ expense as many leftists claim. “I think it’s not being sold aggressively enough yet,” argues Andy.

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