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Appearances: Varney & Co. – The Economic Recovery Was Weak Under Biden

This morning, Andy joined Varney & Co. to share insight on the economic recovery under President Trump compared to the weak recovery that took place when Biden was Vice President during the Obama Administration. Andy quoted his recent op-ed, “The startling news about Trump’s economy that mainstream media ignored,” and said, “To give you a little more perspective, it [medium family income] went up $4,400 last year. Medium family income during the entire Obama administration went up $3,000 so we did more under President Trump in one year than we did under President Obama in eight, which is exactly why the media’s not covering this- they don’t want to make Biden look bad.”

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In closing the two discussed the upcoming first presidential debate, agreeing that unless there is a major catastrophe on Biden’s part, the media will dub Biden the winner because they are so anti-Trump.

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