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Appearances: Varney & Co. – The Democratic Party is Intellectually Bankrupt on Economic Growth

Last week on Varney & Co., Andy was asked to talk about his recent Fox News opinion piece titled, if Democrats decide to pivot from Trump and run on an economic message, they’re doomed.

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“When you talk about a plan for the economy, you’re generally talking about something that generates economic growth,” said Andy. “What [Democrats] have is a plan to increase taxes on people that have been successful, redistribute those tax benefits to people that might vote for them, using what’s left to expand the size and scope of government and then going on TV or making speeches that use phrases like ‘fairness’ and ‘decency’ that they don’t really mean.”

Heading into the November midterms, Democrats are desperately trying to convince voters that their plan to tax people who are successful and use the money to buy votes is in their best interest, But there’s just one problem: By almost every measure the economy is roaring and, for the first time since the BLS has been reporting the data, there are now more job openings than workers to fill them. That is an economic tide that lifts all boats. Andy explained that there is no economic plan on the Progressive/Democrat side for growth. “Unlike John Kennedy or Bill Clinton, today’s Democratic Party is intellectually bankrupt on economic growth,” he added.

On the subject of Google’s recent policy that it will not allow its AI technology to be used by our nation’s military, Andy said the decision is horrific and disgusting. Think of all the Americans who have given their lives so these “snowflakes” can prosper in Silicon Valley. Google is becoming more like the campus at Berkeley than a serious company.

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