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Appearances: Varney & Co. – President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Deregulation Have Brough

Today, Andy joined Stuart Varney on Varney & Co. to chat about the tremendous November Jobs Report, which recorded an astounding 266,000 new jobs and an unemployment rate of 3.5%. Andy argued that these amazing numbers are largely due to President Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation policies. “This is an amazing report. Could you imagine what the economy would be doing if the Fed hadn’t increased interest rates last September and December? Just after these two cuts, we’re seeing the vitality come back into the economy- what a wonderful morning to be on your show,” Andy said to Stuart.

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In closing, Andy was asked if the Democrats will retreat from their massive tax increase policy ideas. “The good news is they won’t retreat from them at all, which I think will destroy their chances for reelection in 2020… They [Democrats] can’t keep talking about increasing taxes if they want to win the general election but they can’t stop talking about increasing taxes if they want to get the Democratic nomination,” Andy concluded.

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