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Appearances: Varney & Co. – Media Rumors on “Chaos” in Trump’s Cabinet; Bitcoin’s Volatil

Today on Varney & Co., Andy weighed in on media speculation regarding Michael Flynn and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. When asked if we can call the current state of political affairs in this country, “chaos and confusion in the Cabinet” Andy disagreed and stated that he strongly believes that President Trump did not collude or conspire with the Russians and Americans shouldn’t let the media turn this into something that it is not. With regard to Tillerson, Andy warned that Americans also have to be careful here with what rumors are being circulated and that the President will decide if and when there is a better person for the position of Secretary of State.

Andy then discussed the current debate over Bitcoin as a legitimate payment instrument. The cryptocurrency might become more widespread if expensive transaction fees don’t limit its growth. Andy also added that digital currency could also have potential to be adopted as an official form of commerce by some countries.

Click here if you cannot see the video:

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