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Appearances: Varney & Co. – Market Sell-Off Could Become a Buying Opportunity for Investors

Yesterday on Varney & Co., Andy advised viewers to stay calm after the recent swings in the market. Despite a rare bout of selling, the Dow is still up more than 6,500 points since President Trump’s election fifteen months ago and the U.S. unemployment rate is sitting at 17-year lows.

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Overall, the stock market has been functioning very well and global growth has gained momentum. Investors, including Andy, feel bullish to continue buying again now that the sell-off has happened.

“The fundamentals of the economy are good,” said Andy. “With tax cuts and regulatory relief, we’re going to see business profits go up. Consumers have more money which is going to drive profits up and volatility is normal.”

In closing, Andy cautioned investors not to rush to sell simply because of the current cool-down period. He remains confident and predicts that the market will continue to accelerate in 2018.

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