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Appearances: Varney & Co. – Import Tariff on Mexico to Address the Border Crisis + the Ef

Today, Andy joined Varney & Co. to discuss President Trump’s threat to put a 5% tariff on imports from Mexico unless their government cracks down on illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. border. With 80% of Mexico’s exports going to the U.S., Andy argued that if we are going to solve the border crisis- now is the time and the president is willing to do it.

Varney then asked if this threat to Mexico will deter China from making a trade deal. Andy noted that since we don’t share borders this relationship is mostly economic and said, “If we can reach a good economic deal and it’s going to benefit both of us, we’ll move forward with it.”

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In closing, Stuart asked about Andy’s recent WSJ op-ed article titled, “High Interest Rates are Hobbling Growth,” to which Andy explained that interest rate increases hurt economic growth because the Federal Reserve raised them too quickly and too close together.

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