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Appearances: Varney. & Co. – Business Leaders Staying Silent About Looting and Riots; Job

Today Andy joined Varney & Co. to discuss why big corporations are not taking a stand against the mass looting and rioting taking place in America. “A lot of it’s fear. The left is very good at distorting whatever the opposition has to say…There’s fear- that their [big businesses] companies will be attacked, their companies will be singled out and they’ll be labeled as racist…they’re very concerned about going out and taking that risk,” argued Andy.

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Stuart and Andy also took a look at the number of Americans who filed for unemployment over the last week and agreed that while 1.8 million is still high, the numbers seem to be leveling off. Andy then pointed out that due to the federal government’s very generous unemployment benefits – 68% of people receiving unemployment benefits are making more than they were when they had a job and 20% are making double what they made when they were still employed [University of Chicago]. “You’re encouraged to stay on unemployment,” said Andy. “So, the fact that it’s coming down is a testament to American workers and their desire to get back to the job. Luckily that [the increased federal unemployment benefits] all expires at the end of July… and people will be getting back to work in bigger numbers.”

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