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Appearances: The Story with Martha MacCallum/Varney & Co. – Dems Focus on Climate Change as a W

Last night, Andy joined Martha MacCallum as a panelist alongside Liz Peek and Juan Williams to discuss the topic of climate change for the 2020 Democratic nominee hopefuls. When asked about his take on the issue, Andy said, “Natural gas has been tremendous for this country. We reduced carbon emissions more than any other country in the world because we have an abundance natural gas.”

Andy went on to note that many of these Democratic candidates want to eliminate things like fracking, which helps to extract natural gas, and instead ban plastic straws and red meat.

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In closing, Andy argued that the Dems’ focus on climate change is merely a way to scare the country into Socialism. “It’s an attempt to change the United States, it’s not an attempt to address this problem seriously. If they wanted to address it seriously, the number one thing would have been nuclear energy,” Andy concluded.

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Today, Andy joined Varney & Co. to discuss the news of former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s decision to not run for presidency in 2020. Stuart Varney suggested that this will likely result in more alignment among anti-Trump voters and Andy agreed.

Stuart next discussed the August jobs report, which showed about 3.7% unemployment and 130,000 jobs added during the month. Andy suggested that many of the numbers indicate there is a shortage of employees but went on to note that regardless, the economy remains steady. “You’re pulling people back in, wages are going up and unemployment is staying low,” added Andy.

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In closing, Andy weighed in on consumer spending and the positive stock market movement this week, to which he said, “The consumer drives about 68% of the economy, this is very positive for Mr. Trump and the American people.”

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