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Appearances: The Larry Elder Show – Larry and Andy Puzder Debate Protectionism

On Wednesday, Andy spoke with Larry about President Trump’s call for tariffs on steel and aluminum. “I think that there are very good arguments with respect to these tariffs. First of all, free trade does lower prices for everyone – if other nations are supplying goods to us at a low cost, that benefits everyone,” said Andy. “The problem is that the detriment of free trade hits working class Americans.”

The U.S. can’t afford to become dependent on other countries for all steel and aluminum production, particularly if we end up in conflicts where we need those raw materials. “If you buy an American car in Europe, you pay a ten percent tariff. In China, a twenty-five percent tariff. But if you want to buy a BMW or Mercedes here in the U.S., the tariff is two and a half percent. It’s just not fair.”

As the world’s biggest customer, America is in a situation right now where it is being taken advantage of. We need to protect ourselves as a country. The president sees that, wants to react to it and wants to make sure America is protected.

Click here to be taken to the clip of the full interview:

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