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Appearances: The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan – Trump is leveling out the playing fiel

Andy sat down with Trish Regan this afternoon for Fox Business Network’s Intelligence Report to discuss the tariffs the United States may impose on China, the president’s tweet asking Apple to start manufacturing their products domestically and Barack Obama’s recent speeches.

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Apple’s stock price is falling after the president tweeted that the tech giant should make products in the United States if they want to avoid tariffs as the president considers extending penalties to an additional $267 billion of Chinese products in their battle over Beijing’s technology policy.

“What Trump is saying is that companies should look into building products more effectively and not damage the American economy… What the president is talking about with tariffs is an effort to level the playing field on trade and have fair deals with China. We don’t have fair deals with our trading partners but ultimately, that’s the goal,” said Andy.

Andy was then asked for his thoughts on the anonymous New York Times op-ed titled ‘I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration’ and noted, “This is all timed to the election. It’s timed to hurt the president… but this is really not affecting him the way you think it would be.”

In closing, Andy stated that he hopes the American people can see through all the nonsense, including Barack Obama’s recent appearances to rally votes for the 2018 Election. “If things are so bad with Trump, why does Obama keep trying to take the credit?”

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