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Appearances: The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan – Seattle’s New ‘Head Tax’ on Large Corp

Yesterday, on The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan, Andy shared his view on a new measure in Seattle which seeks to tax businesses making at least $20 million in gross revenues about $275 per full-time worker each year.

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“As a way to try to generate revenue for Seattle’s socialist progressive policies, because they spend very inefficiently, they are now putting this tax on a company like Amazon with 45,000 employees at $275 per person… that’s about $12.4 million from your bottom line,” said Andy. “If they relocate to a city like Nashville, which loves big business, you’d save over $12 million a year just by moving out of the state of Washington.”

Nearly 600 employers — about 3 percent of all Seattle businesses — would be taxed starting in 2019 to pay for homeless services and affordable housing. Andy argues that with so many legitimate programs available to fight the issue of homelessness, Seattle is taking a questionable course of action with this big business tax. “They need real policies. You don’t need to pour more money into the government from businesses that are employing the people who live in your city,” added Andy.

At the closing of the segment, Trish notes that Andy’s newest book is outstanding and she encourages everyone to read it.

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