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Appearances: The Ingraham Angle – Millennial’s Skewed View of Socialism vs. Capitalism

Andy sat down with Laura Ingraham to discuss a new survey on millennial views of capitalism and socialism. The survey revealed that 61 percent of American millennials have a positive reaction to the word socialism, beating out capitalism at 58 percent.

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When asked about his thoughts on this new finding, Andy noted, “It is terrifying, but it’s not surprising. The problem is the misconceptions about capitalism and socialism that are taught as the truth in our progressively controlled education system… What we need to do is change the perception. Capitalism is not based on greed and socialism is not based on benevolence. When are you talking about capitalism, you’re talking about a system where the way you succeed is by meeting the needs of other people… the needs of the consumer.”

“We need to let millennials know, socialism is really based on greed…you’re not really thinking about what the person in front of you or behind you wants. What you are thinking about is how you get the most for yourself from the limited supply that the government makes available,” continued Andy.

To conclude the segment, Andy was asked how he would advise President Trump regarding how to bring more young people into a more of a conservative populist movement, Andy stated, “We need to do a better job of messaging the president’s wonderful economic accomplishments…there has not been an economic surge like this since Regan.”

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