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Appearances: The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald – Democratic-Socialist Math Never Seems

Last night, Andy joined Liz MacDonald to discuss Joe Biden’s new strategy to win the Democratic primary with his proposal of a $3.2 trillion tax hike over a span of ten years. Andy argued that Biden’s choice may ultimately help his struggling campaign to win the primaries in order to keep the Democratic-Socialists happy. “They [Democratic-Socialists] fall for this politics of envy- this is something they like. In that sense, he [Biden] may be on the right path in the primary, but in the general election, this [raising taxes] is a killer,” added Andy.

Next Andy pointed out several flaws in Biden’s call to increase taxes as a means to generate more tax revenue. “The first full year- fiscal year- that the government had the tax cuts in place, tax revenue went up $200 billion. The tax cuts didn’t decrease tax revenue, they increased tax revenue so how are you going to get rid of the tax cuts?… It’s Democratic-Socialist math- it just doesn’t add up,” said Andy.

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In closing, Liz brought up the news of world leaders poking fun at President Trump during the NATO summit. Andy concluded that President Trump is making European leaders pay what is owed unlike former President Barack Obama and he will continue to do so and fight for the American people.

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