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Appearances: The Evening Edit – Democrats are Willing to Tank the American Economy if it Means

Last night, Andy appeared on The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald to discuss recession talks from the Democrats. Andy explained that it would take two negative GDP growth quarters to even suggest a possible recession and the American economy is no where near that scenario.

“This is their [Democrats] plan. They want to do everything they can to discourage investment, discourage consumer spending…As long as it hurts Donald Trump, they think it’s good so trying to tank the American economy- that’s okay as long as they can beat Donald Trump,” said Andy.

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Next discussed was a poll conducted by The Evening Edit on what viewers want to see debated by Democrats. Among the topics were jobs, the economy, border security, trade war with china, and more. Andy singled out ‘jobs’ and ‘the economy’ on the list, saying that during the last Democratic debate, “There wasn’t one candidate who said, ‘here’s how we’re going to create jobs,’ ‘here’s how we’re going to encourage entrepreneurs to grow businesses’… everything was ‘economic programs,’ ‘giveaways,'” argued Andy. “These people [Democratic hopefuls] have no plan to generate economic growth in this country.”

In closing, the two talked about Andy’s recent Wall Street Journal op-ed on Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax to which he pointed out the repercussions of her plan and how the trickle down effect would hurt so many levels of the American economy and American people, despite their economic bracket. “It’s a horrible, horrible plan. You have to be either deceptive or economically illiterate to do this,” concluded Andy.

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