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Appearances: The Evening Edit – Andy Breaks Down the UAW Strike

On Monday, Andy joined Liz MacDonald on The Evening Edit to discuss the UAW strike. The two spoke about how inflation is hitting these workers’ pocketbooks hard, and most can be sympathetic to their need for higher wages, but we also must remember that the auto makers are offering reasonable higher wages (current offer is a 20% increase). To break down the situation further, Andy made the important point: “I think at the heart of this, they [the union members] are aiming at the wrong target. I don’t think their enemy here are the big three automakers, they are willing to make concessions… I think their enemy is the Biden administration, climate alarmists and the Democratic party that are pushing electric vehicles on the American people, [when] there’s really not much demand for electric vehicles… and [those electric cars require] 40% fewer workers.”

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